Dinner makes me tired.

Ya’ll. Dinner makes me tired. Or actually planning out dinners makes me tired. It’s stressful ya’ll. Reason being, one of my kids is 2(enough said right?), the other has sensory/ASD stuff going on so eats like only 7 actual food things. Pizza from a national chain is one so I always get a pizza one night and he eats it a few nights(don’t judge the kid’s gotta eat :/ ) I get alot of ideas form mommyskitchen.net & 100daysofrealfood  then I just cut them n half usually, or freeze some. But the whole, “they’ll eat if they’re hungry”, yeah not happening here. So that one eats pizza, fruit, and salsa or sub macaroni, pepperoni, or peanut butter for the pizza.  Here’s what we had this week.


Artwork courtesy of Big Kid.


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