It’s summer!

We spend alot of time at the lake. The kidlet says almost daily, “go lake house”. They both love it there. Packing is not as much fun. I’m definitely not one of those take diapers & the est will work out type of people. I tend to over pack. I’ve gotten better as they get older but…20160611_154953

I give you exhibit A. Every sand toy at the local dollar store. Really? Do we really need 12 sand toys to occupy two small people? No, probably not but it definitely keeps the entertained(for 3.7 minutes).

Food is getting easier to pack. The big kid only eats a few foods(see previous post about dinner making me tired…), so I get a pizza there and he’s golden. The kidlet, on the other hand, just turned 2 so today she LOVES tuna but I promise you tomorrow it will end up in the floor, or probably the wall. Bascially in my experience, just take a big cooler and bring your food. Cheaper, easier, and usually much healthier than trying to eat out every meal. For the time that we are on the boat or the “beach”, I bring each of us a big water bottle & snack bag.

Try not to overthink it. You want to enjoy this as much as you can.20160613_112355



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