Catch up time.

Alot has gone on since the last blog post. Holidays, birthdays, first day of kindergarten, new sunday school classes…so much. I’ll attemp a recap photo style.

Lots of time spent throwing rocks at the lake.  And sand.20160611_15495320160425_104729.jpegFrequent zoo trips. We even had a few doctor office visits(booo!). The hardest part was transitioning back to “school”. We do a homeschool coop one morning a week and it has proven a bit hard for Big kid to get the hang off. Senses on overload, everything “smells yucky”, everyone jumps(no one is jumping, he just doesn’t like alot of movement around him), and having to sit can get painful for a sensory kiddo. Kindergarten is definitely going to be a learning experience for all involved.  Stay tuned for a run through of our school mornings shortly.


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