Summer schoolin’


Working on his K-!st summer book.

We just finished our first year of homeschooling. Big kid completed kindergarten and now we are marching on to 1st grade and kidlet starting “preschool”. Our first year was loose and kind of a free for all. I wanted a way to gauge where he was and find out what I need to focus more on this summer before 1st grade. I found this really cool workbook at Barnes & Noble and he just loves it! It has a map and stickers(stickers always make things more fun) and it charts your progress as you work through.

We are also looking at leaving the co op we have been apart of for the last year and a half  and going out on our own to start a new group. Also lesson planning and gathering has started this week. I had a fruitful trip  to the Dollar Tree and snagged a few workbooks for both kids. I think they may work well for the new “school” too.20170630_124123


The top 2 books are for Big Kid. He can add and subtract like nobody’s business but since he really likes workbooks I grabbed them for practice. The bottom books are for Kidlet to start practicing school with. They are over her head but she likes to do school along with us. Here’s a picture of Kidlet doing some of her work. Loves file folder games!20170624_094340

Alright y’all, what is everybody doing for school this year? Leave a comment and let me know your plans.


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