DITL- A bit of Christmas

We did two trees this year. The “color” tree in the living room…20171213_161339and the “decoration” tree in the playroom.20171213_16125820171213_185906This house is famous here!20171211_183020Everyone loves to walk(or run) through the display.


DITL 12.8.17

20171205_162254 I don’t like that this season seems to be a season of rushing, packed calendars, sickness, money, and stress for alot of people. I get easily sucked into if I’m not paying attention.

“Slow down take time. Breathe in He said. He’d reveal what’s to come.”–Take Courage, Bethel Music



#kindnessrocks¬†¬† We found a kindness rocks and are working on some to “hide”.20171203_182139You know you eat mismatched leftovers too… 20171204_121052Lego create station.20171028_105158Checking out the big tree.20171103_105038Time in the Word. 20171106_142035