DITL- A bit of Christmas

We did two trees this year. The “color” tree in the living room…20171213_161339and the “decoration” tree in the playroom.20171213_16125820171213_185906This house is famous here!20171211_183020Everyone loves to walk(or run) through the display.


DITL 12.8.17

20171205_162254 I don’t like that this season seems to be a season of rushing, packed calendars, sickness, money, and stress for alot of people. I get easily sucked into if I’m not paying attention.

“Slow down take time. Breathe in He said. He’d reveal what’s to come.”–Take Courage, Bethel Music



#kindnessrocks   We found a kindness rocks and are working on some to “hide”.20171203_182139You know you eat mismatched leftovers too… 20171204_121052Lego create station.20171028_105158Checking out the big tree.20171103_105038Time in the Word. 20171106_142035

We got a pool!!(well, kinda)

Y’all. I just have to share this. We are outside people and in Arkansas it gets nasty hot. Like you really can’t breathe because of the humidity. Ugh. So bad. Anyway, so every afternoon, we’ve been playing with a little water table or  sprinkler but they really weren’t cutting it. Lat summer those were fine but kids are bigger(and wilder) so this year we really just needed some kind of pool.20170717_163339

Enter this beauty. It’s big enough for me to get in and play. We put a pop up awning over it so that it stays out of the sun(again, Arkansas summers). It has a drain on the bottom near one of the corners so we drain it every couple of days. Today I’ll need to pull the drain and let it drain all night then tomorrow morning I’ll go out and clean it with a bleach/water solution and kind of scrub it out. Then I’ll rinse it, put the drain plug back and fill it up. Ready for another couple days. 20170719_164037

They love to “swim” after dinner and really, it takes little energy from me but wears them out 😉   What do you all do? Kiddie pools? Sprinklers? Pool membership? Let me know in the comments!

Summer schoolin’


Working on his K-!st summer book.

We just finished our first year of homeschooling. Big kid completed kindergarten and now we are marching on to 1st grade and kidlet starting “preschool”. Our first year was loose and kind of a free for all. I wanted a way to gauge where he was and find out what I need to focus more on this summer before 1st grade. I found this really cool workbook at Barnes & Noble and he just loves it! It has a map and stickers(stickers always make things more fun) and it charts your progress as you work through.

We are also looking at leaving the co op we have been apart of for the last year and a half  and going out on our own to start a new group. Also lesson planning and gathering has started this week. I had a fruitful trip  to the Dollar Tree and snagged a few workbooks for both kids. I think they may work well for the new “school” too.20170630_124123


The top 2 books are for Big Kid. He can add and subtract like nobody’s business but since he really likes workbooks I grabbed them for practice. The bottom books are for Kidlet to start practicing school with. They are over her head but she likes to do school along with us. Here’s a picture of Kidlet doing some of her work. Loves file folder games!20170624_094340

Alright y’all, what is everybody doing for school this year? Leave a comment and let me know your plans.

Catch up time.

Alot has gone on since the last blog post. Holidays, birthdays, first day of kindergarten, new sunday school classes…so much. I’ll attemp a recap photo style.

Lots of time spent throwing rocks at the lake.  And sand.20160611_15495320160425_104729.jpegFrequent zoo trips. We even had a few doctor office visits(booo!). The hardest part was transitioning back to “school”. We do a homeschool coop one morning a week and it has proven a bit hard for Big kid to get the hang off. Senses on overload, everything “smells yucky”, everyone jumps(no one is jumping, he just doesn’t like alot of movement around him), and having to sit can get painful for a sensory kiddo. Kindergarten is definitely going to be a learning experience for all involved.  Stay tuned for a run through of our school mornings shortly.

Frugal summer FUN!

Looking for ways to have fun this summer but not spend a ton of money? Aren’t we all! Costs soar during the  summer. The electric bill goes sky high, all the trips to the ice cream parlor, the pool(or pool membership), countless water guns because ours never seem to last more than one squirt..Needless to say, I am always looking for low cost, big fun things to do. Or ways to save money in general.

One big thing I’ve done to save money is switch the times I do the most cooking. Instead of cooking dinner at 5:00 when the house has been heating up all day, I cook at lunch. We either have our “dinner” for lunch, or just heat it up later.  The crockpot also comes in handy these days.

On to the fun!

Water table20160620_163326This little gem was a birthday present for kidlet last year. It held up through last summer & is still in great shape. I think it was about $35-$40 at Walmart. 20160620_162147This particular one is a fishing table. I routinely switch the “theme” out though. Today they were fishing. I’ll take the fishing stuff out and throw in a ton of plastic floating balls, the kind from a ball pit. Another we like is boats and guys or even a bunch of animals. I can’t forget just the good ole water guns and bath squirters!

Crafting is another super cheap, stay cool way to have fun.20160621_153600Alot of the time I have a set craft or activity in mind. Sometimes the best ones(and the ones that last the longest) are the open ones. I put a bunch of craft type things on the table and they make whatever they like. Craft sticks, glue, googly eyes, newspaper, ….Big kid also really like bead projects. The kind where you make a pattern or shape out of beads and melt them together with an iron. Yeah, he does alot of those.

Break out your old toys!20160621_172950(1)I’ve always loved making potato heads so this was really pretty fun. Find some toys you haven’t played with in awhile and give them some love.

Splash pad/parks. 20160618_100715Most cities have splash parks that are free. Ours has two. This one is a our local farmers market(also another fun and cheap thing to do!).

Don’t forget about your local library! We have been to ours a couple mornings each week so far this summer. They usually offer really fun activities. We saw a magic show, balloon show, had a petting zoo visit.. Those are a few of our favorite cheap or free summer activities. What are yours?

Behind closed doors.

Who gets tired of hopping on your favorite social media site and seeing perfectly dressed, well mannered kids eating chicken and broccoli in a flawless kitchen? Everyone’s hands shoot up? Yep, I thought so. The thing about all those pictures is their not real. Sure, there are a few that hold to that standard but most? So I’m starting a challenge. Here it is– post a picture of your REAL behind closed doors house.  Here are the rules:

  1. The pictures cannot be staged(no posed kids, quick clean ups, wiping ketchup off someone…)
  2. It doesn’t have to be a picture of the kids. Just grab and shoot the mess in the laundry room floor or the wrecked playroom. Whatever, just leave it real.
  3. Be bold. C’mon, we all have messy rooms & kids at times.20160616_085029My messy kitchen “island”. Notice the container on the floor. That is full of beans that are suppose to be played nicely with but usually end up thrown around the room. Alright, your turn. Send me your messes!